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How to Set SPAN with Nowrap

July 30,2014 | Post in: Programming

If you use float style with SPAN tag following other normal text, you may get a wrap text in result. Here some test example of span with nowrap. 1. Make the text nowrap in float:right Test example:


Yum Install MySQL on CentOS

July 31,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

We cam use yum command to install mysql on CentOS, Redhat, but if your Redhat is not registered, you can not install software packages with yum online, but you can install them by using offline

How to Create .htaccess in Windows

August 07,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

If you are using apache and its htaccess, you might often need to rename a predefined file to .htaccess in windows, normally you will get a warning with common method, "You

R cannot be resolved to a variable

July 31,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

There are many possible reason that you will get "R cannot be resolved to a variable" in eclipse. This post I will list some of them that I have met. 1. Your package has been changed, but not

Block IP Address From Website On Apache

July 31,2014 | Post in: Website

There are 3 ways to block (ban) IP address from accessing website in Apache: Modify httpd.conf, redirect IP to another predefined page, and using .htaccess. The below statement assumes we will block

How to Delete Windows Temporary Files

August 06,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

When your windows has been used for many days, there are amount of temporary files in your windows, including internet temporary files, search history temporary files, recycled, prefetch, and some other

How to Fixe Span Width in CSS

July 30,2014 | Post in: Programming

In this post, I give some examples for fixed width span, including independent line fixed width, same line fixed width and same line with centered style fixed width. 1. Like <span>ABC</span> SPAN

MySQL Data Type and Sizes or Ranges

July 30,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

1. MySQL Data Types There are mainly five data types in MySQL: Interger Type: BIT、BOOL、TINY INT、SMALL INT、MEDIUM INT、 INT、 BIG INT Float Type: FLOAT、DOUBLE、DECIMAL String Type:

How to Install Software in Linux

July 28,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

Installing software in linux is not convenience than in windows. We can get the installation windows by double clicking *.exe files in windows, but this does not work in linux. Yes, we need to use

Difference between Write and Modify Permission

July 28,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

We know, write permission is different withmodify permission, here are some difference between them: Write permission - the ability of Create the file and directory Modify permission - the



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