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Usage Guide - Contacts

November 18,2018 | Post in: Tour

You can import,export, add, remove, modify your contacts in CalPass, these contacts are only saved and used in secpass, you can transfer, export to others. Another useful function about contacts, you

Usage Guide - Implicit

November 18,2018 | Post in: Products

CalPass supports implicit login for your security, if you switch this setting on in General > Implicit Login, you will find your your app's icon and app's login view will be replaced by a calculator.

Usage Guide - Sharing

October 01,2018 | Post in: Tour

You can share your logins, contacts, notes and photos easily in CalPass, There are serveral methods to do that. A. Login and notes 1. Click Account tab and select Backup items in the configuration view 2.

Usage Guide - Recovery

July 21,2018 | Post in: Tour

When you encounter some errors or just want to see something earlier, you may want to recovery from your backups. It is very easy to excute your recovery. Follow these steps: Recovery from your backup 1.

Usage Guide - Backup

July 21,2018 | Post in: Tour

For all CalPassers, you should excute your backups periodically, but we recommend only two or three recent backups should be kept and discard all the earlier backups. You can excute your backup and

Usage Guide - Settings

July 12,2018 | Post in: Products

CalPass support almost all the basical settings for most users, such as Change Password, Auto-Clear Password, Self-Destruct, Auto-Hidden Password, TouchID login, Back up & Recovery (More reading

Usage Guide - Photos

July 12,2018 | Post in: Products

Photo category is for saving some private photos such as Screenshots, Favorites, or take a Secrets photo, etc. Follow these steps: 1. Select a photo category in Categories tab and click to enter 2. You

Usage Guide - Notes

July 12,2018 | Post in: Products

You can create and save your notes by these steps: 1. Click + in the favorite/Valut screen, and select New Notes in the pop menu 2. Type your title and notes content 3. Click Save button on the

Usage Guide - Logins

July 12,2018 | Post in: Products

Saving logins function is very popular for all CalPass users. We do not set some default templates for CalPass, because CalPass would like to be more simplicity. For most users, they are only need to save

Usage Guide - Categories

July 12,2018 | Post in: Products

You can manage your Logins/Notes/Photos categories in the same screen(Categories Navigation Tab) with a normal switch controller in the top side. Normally CalPass will create these three default categories



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